Recycled decorative objects from Africa

Recycled decorative objects from Africa

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Everyone already knows the small cars in cans of coca and other sugary drinks. But have you ever seen these incredible creatures in inner tubes or these dishes in telephone wires? In Africa, the need to recover materials is imposed by an economy of scarcity where we repair and use objects as long as possible. A real sustainable development policy is then put in place and allows certain artists to develop salvaged objects.

The art of recycling came from Africa

Cups of fruit or another salad bowl on the phone amaze us with their creativity and contemporary graphics. In South Africa, where plastic bags imported from China colonize trees and pose risks to livestock, women harvest, others braid, tie, glue, in order to make decorative objects such as hens and other fun birds . A significant example and a great effort for the planet. In Kenya, orphan flip-flops are harvested on the beaches before being cut into small pellets and assembled like multicolored pearls to make timeless objects. The plastic of the thongs discolored by the sun and the salt patina to offer subtle shades. In Zimbabwe, contemporary artists assemble sheets and metal by combining them with bolts, screws and other nails, in order to create birds, reptiles ... The art of making new things with old. And what about these silicone vases, in which metal capsules are embedded. The graphic game of their use will adapt to both a modern and traditional interior. These activities represent a great social vector. Mostly performed by women, they can be performed at home. This allows women to earn a salary. Recycled objects sing of creative Africa: think about it for your decor!

Where to find these objects?

You do not plan a trip to black Africa to bring back these wonders? Here are the essential addresses of the Net… 1 / At As'Art 3, passage du Grand-Cerf, 75002 Paris (tel. 01 40 28 45 36). > 2 / At CSAO 80, rue Turenne, 75003 Paris Tel. 01 44 54 55 88 9, rue Elzévir, 75003 Paris Tel. 01 42 71 33 17>


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