Living room lamp: how to choose it well?

Living room lamp: how to choose it well?

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1. Light on the living room lights 2. The different types of lighting for the living room 3. Choosing a lamp for the living room: a question of style 4. Living room light: spotlight on trends! 5. The golden rule: mix the lights in the living room!

1. Light on the living room lights

Table lamp ? Reading light ? Suspension? Wall lights? Not always easy to see clearly among the plethora of options available on the market. To clearly distinguish the different types of lighting to favor in the living room, it is important to understand the jargon of the manufacturers and the effects specific to each type of luminaire. The models are then complementary and they will allow you to obtain the desired atmosphere in your room.

2. The different types of lighting for the living room

  1. The ceiling light : fixed as close as possible to the ceiling, the ceiling light has the advantage of lighting large areas.
  2. Suspension : champion of the main lighting, the pendant lamp disperses the light more or less uniformly depending on the height at which it is placed in the living room.
  3. The street lamp : unbeatable in ambient lighting effects, the floor lamp is a floor lamp that breathes warmth and conviviality into the living room.
  4. The table or reading lamp : master in the art of subdued and subdued effects, the table lamp diffuses targeted lighting which softly completes the living room lighting.
  5. The wall lamp : with its directed lighting, the wall lamp has no equal to ambience the decor of the living room.
  6. The spots : fixed or adjustable, the spotlights, recessed on the wall or in the ceiling, diffuse a uniform and effective.

Choosing a lamp for the living room: a question of style

The days of grandmother's rococo candlestick are long gone… for ages! Suspensions, floor lamps, wall lamps and living room lamps are now flirting with the most prominent decorative styles of the moment. The impact on the visual rendering is such that the living room lights should not be seen as simple sources of lighting but as decorative objects in their own right.

Living room lights: spotlight on trends

  1. Industrial living room lamps : dark metal, angular shapes and graphic design: the indus' living room lamp is ideal for lofts, workshops and odds and ends.
  2. Scandinavian living room lamps : make way for organic materials, articulated design and clean lines that work wonders in Nordic and contemporary living rooms.
  3. Minimalist living room lamps : with their sober and refined silhouettes, the minimalist living room lamps adapt to all styles of decoration.
  4. Baroque living room lamps : the Baroque trend is defined by chandelier-style lights that combine uncomplicated curved lines and ornamental details.
  5. Country living room lamps : lampshade in vintage fabric, indirect lighting and timeless silhouette accentuate the warmth of the country style, whether chic or rustic.
  6. Nature living room lamps : natural light showcases organic materials like rattan, bamboo, wood or paper.

The golden rule: mix the lights in the living room!

The living room is at the heart of the house. You receive your friends there, you rest there, you read there ... So many reasons to ensure the visual and aesthetic comfort specific to each occasion. The golden rule for choose the lamps in your living room ? Mix and balance light sources. Some examples :

  1. A suspension above the dining table to savor the pleasure of an enlightened dinner with friends.
  2. A reading lamp, placed in a corner of the living room , to snuggle up, book by hand in your favorite cozy armchair, lit by a soft and diffused light.
  3. A light garland along a forgotten corner to avoid gray areas. It's up to you to compose your light setting!


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