Before / after: makeover of a book lover's apartment

Before / after: makeover of a book lover's apartment

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The owner of this 1970s apartment, located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, place de la Réunion, entrusted the interior designer Jean-Pierre Fuda with the renovation of his apartment. The objective: an almost complete redistribution of the rooms to take advantage of the light during the day and the calm of the courtyard at night. Lover of books, the owner gave the architect carte blanche to surprise him. Front area: kitchen 5.6m², bedroom 12.6m², living room 18.6m². Area after: bedroom 10.2m² (with dressing room), living room / kitchen 25.8m². Budget: € 70,000 including all fees. Agency: Jean-Pierre Fuda.

Before, a poorly distributed and dark apartment

This fairly new apartment nevertheless needed a nice renovation to be brought up to date. The first major project was to redistribute the pieces and the functions of each. The kitchen, which overlooked the courtyard, was moved to the street-side bedroom, and vice versa. Goodbye then the small kitchen, semi-open and very dark, and the small room bathed in light but too noisy to sleep well. Hello, the beautiful living space kitchen and living room, and the bedroom, quiet, with its new dressing room!

BEFORE: the bright but noisy bedroom will make a wonderful living room!

An open kitchen to give a loft spirit

To facilitate the new layout, it was decided to give a loft spirit to the apartment. First stage :open the kitchen on the living space by knocking down most of the partitions. Thus, a pretty sofa now sits in place of the partition that separated the old bedroom from the living room. On the furnishing side, we accentuate the industrial decoration thanks to the large laminated steel table, the magnificent black metal pendant lamp overhanging it and the Ghost transparent chairs by Philippe Starck. Then, many raw materials, such as a superb waxed concrete floor Mineral Floor (found everywhere, even in the bathroom), and the worktop in white Corian® made to measure complete this harmonious picture.

AFTER: a makeover with an industrial accent for this kitchen open to the living room, with its beautiful steel table and the metal suspension which overhangs it.

A nod to books in this apartment makeover

As the owner had a large number of books, it was necessary to design the layout and organization of the space to store and display them all. The architect went further by proposing to decorate the kitchen a beautiful multicolored splashback which represents an open book. The colored cement tiles on the credenza and the floor of the room place the kitchen between two pages, an effect accentuated by the obliques which punctuate the composition. The Ikea kitchen was therefore tailored to fit the ambitious project. On the other side, echoing the open book, a composition of very discreet oak shelves was created to measure on the wall to receive the many books from the owner.

AFTER: the theme of the book was a real red thread for this personalized decoration!

A quiet room, with dressing room!

The original bedroom had two large wardrobes, but was not very practical in use. And although pleasant, thanks to the light which bathed it all day long, it did not offer the calm sought for this type of room. Passing on the courtyard side, she therefore benefited from the silence required in the evening, and above all, this allowed, by breaking a partition towards the corridor, to integrate a beautiful dressing room practical and well organized. The result of this amazing before / after: an energized apartment, with a colorful and open kitchen that enlarges the space thanks to the play of perspectives. A more pleasant living space.

AFTER: passing the courtyard, the bedroom has gained in calm and storage.