8 sparkling ideas for a New Year's aperitif

8 sparkling ideas for a New Year's aperitif

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To end the year in style, let's open the festivities with an aperitif worthy of the name. Glasses, utensils, accessories and tableware: everything is there to make the party unforgettable. Here is the selection of sparkling ideas for your Christmas Eve!

Luminous cubic ice bucket, € 20.76 *, Ping Déco

For once, we get rid of the classic stainless steel ice bucket and handles. You will love this bright square model which alternates colors, between pink, blue and green. The original detail to dress up the festive table!

Assortment of 4 designer champagne flutes, € 34.09 *, La Chaise Longue

The trend is mismatched to wake up the table. Dare to vary the styles and shapes in the dishes, starting with the glasses. A good point if you are many: new as old flutes will mix very well between them!

Champagne saber, € 19.90 *, Laguiole

Reserved for people who master the art of opening champagne, this elegant saber will have its small effect when the new year has come. A gesture which has its origins in the customs of victorious soldiers and which makes this moment even more sparkling!

Alcohol distributor, € 49.25 *, La Chaise Longue

Who said that only Christmas eve flowed afloat? Give your guests a choice with this chrome steel spirits dispenser. Swiveling and equipped with four pouring spouts, it allows serving the right doses like a real bartender.

Cocktail kit, € 32 *, Incidence

Do you have the soul of a bartender? Your guests will appreciate that you concoct beverages for them if they don't drink champagne. Equip yourself with professional utensils with this kit to prepare a homemade cocktail that they will remember!

Aperitif Set 25 pieces, € 23.99 *, Paris Price

Adept appetizers to impress your guests, you will like this set of slate trays. Large and small spoons, as well as verrines, parade on an elegant display. Ideal for varying the pleasures in your homemade preparations!

Ice crusher, € 14.90 *, Cuisy

The essential accessory for making cocktails. If some recipes allow for ice cubes, like a good old fashioned on the rocks, others ask for crushed ice as an ingredient in its own right. To your shakers!

Mustache aperitif sticks, € 10.50 *, Fred

The aperitif sticks also take on festive airs. You will have enough to spice up your appetizers with these mustache-shaped pikes. Rather gentleman, dandy or playboy? Your guests can choose their model among the six offered. The festivities are just beginning, discover all the other ideas here. img id = "250507" / Prices noted on the site on 12/22/2017, subject to change based on commercial offers.