Tutorial: make a play mat for children, special quick storage!

Tutorial: make a play mat for children, special quick storage!

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Ouch! You still walked on a toy… But how to put everything away in a flash? Our solution: sew a play mat that turns into a bundle. Unfolded, it will offer a unique play space. To put everything away, all you have to do is pull the string, and the carpet turns into a bundle! Fun and practical, this rug will reconcile the whole family!


- a 100x100cm square of fabric for the outer lining - a 100x100cm white cotton square - a scrap of linen fabrics - string - a pencil - a ruler - scissors - a sewing machine - pins - thread - a needle - felts for fabrics

Budget: 30 euros Duration: half a day


1. Superimpose your fabrics then fold them in 4 to form a square. Draw a quarter circle to get a full circle when unfolded.

2. Pin along your line to hold the layers of fabric together and cut out. You get two identical circles.

3. On the white cotton, draw the elements of your play mat with fabric markers.

4. Cut 12 pieces of 10x7cm fabric.

5. Fold each piece of fabric lengthwise and stitch 5mm from the edge.

6. Turn each strip over on itself to hide the seams. You will get 12 small ribbons.

7. Overlap the two fabric circles, right sides together. Fold your ribbons in half to create a small loop, and pin them inward. Tip for a regular result: to distribute the 12 ribbons, take as a reference the figures of a clock.

8. Stitch straight across the circle. Leave about twenty centimeters of opening.

9. Turn the carpet over through the hole, taking care to unfold it over all the edges.

10. Close the opening with a few stitches by hand.

11. Topstitch 5mm from the edge, to keep the fabric in place and get nice finishes.

12. Pass the string through each loop to go around the carpet. Tie a knot.

13. And here is your playmat finished! To turn it into a bundle, simply pull on the string.


This is a practical and fun play mat for all children. Adapt the designs according to your child's preferences. Or better: get him involved. You can even create a giant carpet or create a whole game universe. And no more excuses not to tidy up! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your super rugs via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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