Gift ideas for wine lovers!

Gift ideas for wine lovers!

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Pretty wine glasses

We often think balloon glass when it comes to drinking wine. Very widespread, it is however not the model chosen by amateurs to appreciate all the aromas of the wine it contains. Indeed, the shape of the glass has all its influence on the aromas of it.

Let’s look further to let the wine express its aromas in contact with the air. The ideal glass to taste a good wine must have a thin and stretched stem, so as not to reheat the wine when holding the glass. The drinker of the glass should also be fine, to obtain a better concentration of the taste.

A decanter

The decanter is an essential accessory for lovers of fine wines. It allows you to better appreciate the color of the precious drink while allowing it to oxygenate before being served. It also removes sediments and other residues that can sometimes be found in wine.

Oxygenating the wine in this way allows it to reveal all of its aromas and flavors at the time of tasting. Depending on the type of wine, you just have to adapt the way pour the wine into the carafe. We will proceed slowly for a rather old wine. For young wines, let decant longer in the carafe.

Note that white wines and new wines do not need to be decanted in a carafe.

The lever corkscrew

To be able to open the wine bottles correctly without seeing the cork crumble, it is necessary to have a good corkscrew ! The most practical model is the lever corkscrew. They generally look like snowmen, and some brands like Alessi play on resemblance to offer design models.

Very easy to use, the lever corkscrew allows the plug to be removed effortlessly. To do this, simply screw it in until the two arms of the corkscrew are at the top of the head, then lower the arms down to remove the cork.

Some models of corkscrew also have a small tool allowing to easily remove the lid which covers the cork of the wine bottle.

A wine thermometer

Red, white or rosé wines are not used at the same temperature, it is Certain wines, according to the appellations, either. To serve wine in good tasting conditions, the wine lover must equip himself witha wine thermometer

It is advisable to use the thermometer when you take the wine out of the cellar, or where you are used to storing it. Each type of wine has its ideal temperature. Beaujolais and red wines from the Loire Valley are best drunk at 16 ° C. Count two degrees more for great Bordeaux wines.

For white wine, acidic white wines like Sancerre should be drunk around 8 ° C. The great Burgundy whites are rather consumed at 12 ° C.

There are some good tips for control wine temperature before tasting it. A white wine can thus be placed for a few minutes in a bucket filled with ice to reach its optimal temperature. If your red wine is too fresh, a lukewarm bath allows you to safely store the wine.

The pouring cap

It is not always easy to pour wine without a drop staining the tablecloth! Adaptable on all bottles thanks to its silicone tip, the stainless steel pouring cap allows to serve without fear for the pretty white tablecloth!

You can buy it alone from wine merchants or delicatessens, or even find it in wine boxes that contain all the elements necessary to organize a wine tasting worthy of the name!