How to make your living room look festive?

How to make your living room look festive?

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The living room is one of the most important rooms: you can hang out there, play ... and sometimes even dine in front of a TV set. What if you gave it a festive air to brighten up your interior? Dé gives you a few simple tips to decorate your living room and create a festive, warm and welcoming atmosphere!

Decorate your living room with party accessories

To bring a festive air to your living room, there are many decorations to hang or stick to the wall, such as pennants colorful or pretty light garlands . They will create a little air from July 14th ball in your living room, and may even make you want to dance. In the spirit of a mirror ball, you can hang several paper suspensions above the table! You will also find beautiful stickers, at various prices, which can immediately give a festive air to your living room! In the same idea, pretty colorful posters bring a little pep on a wall too wise!

Paper suspensions brighten up a room in the blink of an eye!

A festive light to brighten up your interior

We bring a touch of light and of gaiety to its decor with sparkling materials, colors, glitter ... Without moderation! Think of the Christmas decorations, which you can divert: the light curtains for example, or even twigs in a flowerpot. You can also change your classic lampshades to more colorful ones and add natural materials to your decor: woven straw, wicker baskets, etc.

Light garlands to brighten up the living room all year round? Brilliant idea!

Words and color to brighten up the living room!

The key ? The color ! We play on the paintings, we put on colorful curtains, furniture and objects in bright colors: in short, everything is good to brighten up the living room! We can also count on happy words to give an air of celebration to its interior: written in chalk on a wall transformed into a table, displayed in posters or with giant letters that can easily be found in stores: SMILE, HAPPINESS… Also think of message cushions (LOVE or JOY for example) or to colorful and graphic cushions! Do you have pots of plants? Plant windmills inside: a childish and colorful touch, certainly creating joy. Who does not want to blow it while passing by?

HAPPINESS, GOOD VIBES: just reading them, these words make us happy!

Festive and flowery atmosphere in the living room

Speaking of plants ... Nothing like flowers to bring color and joy in an interior! Multiply the pretty plants to brighten up your living room. The most motivated can go so far as to create a green wall. Otherwise, a beautiful wreath of flowers (artificial to avoid renewing it every week) can also have a very nice effect hanging on the wall. Finally, do not hesitate to play with a strip of floral wallpaper or cushions with floral patterns!

Plants, flowers, green and colors: nothing like to brighten up the living room!