Pebble emancipates in the bathroom

Pebble emancipates in the bathroom

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The pebble is a flagship element of the current bathroom. To be placed on the floor or on the walls, soft to the touch, the small river stone takes comfort in this space dedicated to well-being. bath mat, countertop and basin are also adorned with this authentic rolled pebble and add a touch of originality to the decor. Timeless, refined, the bathroom undoubtedly becomes the place of the house where we like to relax.

Pebbles in the bathroom

Less conventional than tiling, the pebble is essential today if you want to invite the nature in the bathroom . To create a play of materials, the pebble can be combined with wood, glass, ceramic. Its minerality and neutral tones harmonize perfectly with some more colorful notes brought by the bath linen, the floor mats, colored accessories, wall stickers. Thanks to the pebble, zenitude hovers over this space reserved for relaxation and where you can also install some indoor plants for the vegetal touch.

We love the marriage of wood and mineral in the bathroom

Timeless bathroom with pebbles

The pebble began to be used in Asia Minor for the creation of assemblies, eight thousand years before our era. Over time, the patterns became more precise, and the color choices were enriched thanks to the inlay of cubes of marble, terracotta or stone: tesserae. At the moment, nothing seems to have changed because the bathroom comes alive with multicolored mosaics.Tesserae and pebbles are now assembled on a frame for an extraordinary ease of installation. The less do-it-yourselfer will still call on a pro to guarantee watertightness. In terms of patterns, everything is possible: geometric, floral, animal and why not fabulous evocations of the mosaics of Gaudi adorning the Sagrada Familia for eternity. In a bathroom where the pebble reigns, time seems to have stopped. For a timeless bathroom with pebbles, the association with wood is inevitable. Wooden furniture or accessories, natural tones for the walls or the floor: beige, white, slate gray and a touch of stainless steel, are generally the key elements of a successful bathroom with pebbles.

A pebble wall in the walk-in shower

Pebble basins and bathtub

More authentic than ever, pebble basins - carved from river stone - give another dimension to the current bathroom. Freestanding or placed on a rolled wooden countertop, these exceptional basins are combined with a bathtub with an apron in round and colored pebbles. But the pebble is also invited in the walk-in shower, enhanced by an explosion of light made possible by the glass walls.

The bathtub placed on the pebbles: the good idea!

A Zen decor for a bathroom with a natural spirit

We love the total mineral look of this bathroom, do you?

Put the pebble in the spotlight in your bathroom by opting for objects that are entirely dedicated to it. Glass scale printed with these small rolled stones, table lamps in natural pebbles and driftwood, wall sconces, ceramic tealight and white or gray pebbles, incense burner: nature has never been more present than in new trendy bathroom. Both unusual and refined, the pebble decor is conducive to relaxation. Bath time is pure happiness.

Natural or colorful, we like pebbles in the bathroom