Aluminum windows: how much does it cost?

Aluminum windows: how much does it cost?

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Like all types of windows and / or work carried out in the home, aluminum windows have a price: that of quality, comfort and durability. The good news is that solutions exist to lower the bill. Tax credit, VAT reduced to 5.5% and eco-loan at zero rate: we go around the tricks to pay less.

Aluminum windows: well-being at all / all prices!

Sticking an exact price on an aluminum window is an extremely hazardous exercise as there are variables that influence the price component. To try to answer the question "how much does it cost?", Let's look for a moment at average standard rates as well as the fluctuating elements to take into account before making your purchase. The price of a standard aluminum window with double glazing varies depending on: - The size of the window : it goes without saying that an XXL bay window will not have the same price as an aluminum window of 60 cm x 60 cm. - The type of glazing : double glazing, triple glazing, burglar-proof, anti-UV, tinted, anti-noise are all options that affect the price of the aluminum window. - The type of opening : the realization of a custom aluminum frame requires 20 to 40% of additional budget compared to a standard type aluminum window. That said, take into account the fact that a French window will be cheaper than a tilt-and-turn window, in the same way that the nature of your window will cause the price of this one to evolve - a window with small tiles will be more expensive to manufacture for example. - The choice of color and profiles : for a white aluminum window: no additional cost. For duck yellow: expect a little extra cost. - Installation and installation costs : here the installation conditions vary according to the quotes of craftsmen and professionals - these quotes taking into account the complexity of the removal of your windows as well as the level of difficulty of access to them. To reduce the installer's travel costs, one trick is to have all of his windows installed at once.

Financial aid to reduce the bill

Many financial aids are there to help you lower the bill. Overview of help to finance your aluminum windows. - The energy transition tax credit : is equal to 30% of the amount of your windows (excluding installation), the amount of which is capped at 8,000 euros for one person and 16,000 euros for two people + € 400 per dependent and + € 200 per child. To benefit from the tax credit for the energy transition, your windows must be fitting with the level of energy performance imposed by regulations. They must also be installed in your main residence by a RGE certified professional - Zero rate eco-loan : is granted without means test to all the borrowers carrying out work aiming to decrease the energy consumption of their residences. To benefit from the zero-rate eco-loan, your work must be carried out by an RGE approved professional. - VAT reduced to 10% or 5.5% : is granted for energy renovation works carried out in a main or secondary residence completed more than two years ago. Work eligible for the energy transition tax credit benefits from reduced VAT of 5.5%. - Financial aid from ANAH (National Agency for the Improvement of Housing) : save up to 35% on the financing of your thermal renovation projects. These aids are intended for owner occupiers and lessors as well as for condominium unions wishing to carry out work on the common areas.

A long-term economy

If at the time of the purchase of your aluminum windows, the note seems salty to you, keep in mind that the durability of your aluminum windows will be a real asset added value in the event of resale of your house. In addition, the minimal maintenance of your aluminum windows will save you money and time - an argument that counts, right? - once lacquered, the coating will have the same lifespan as your aluminum window. Find more information on the Alu Window site In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum