Indian vase

Indian vase

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- 1 bottle of wine or translucent orange juice - 1 bottle cutter - Nautical sandpaper - 1 marker - Tracing paper - 1 cloth - 1 tube of Cerne-relief silver color


15 'Cutting the bottle

Cut the bottle and wash it. Keep the lower part and pass the cut slice with the abrasive nautical.

10 'Reproduction of the motif

Reproduce with the marker, using tracing paper, the pdf pattern: 277644 and introduce the model into the cut bottle. Hold the latter by inserting a cloth inside the container to secure the device.

35 'Decoration

With the Cerne-relief silver tube, trace all the lines of the model, being careful not to put your fingers on the still wet paint so as not to damage the pattern. Let it dry.


You can color the vase by pouring a little blue Vitréa 160 in it once the Cerne-relief is dry. Paint the flower petals in a different color from that of the background, leaving reserves inside the container with adhesive paper that you have applied before tinting the vase. This technique will increase your completion time, but will not fail to magnify your work.


Use a jar used to sterilize the preserves by removing the glass cover, the metal part and the rubber: this will avoid the step consisting in cutting the bottle.

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