What to sow in autumn?

What to sow in autumn?

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If spring is traditionally the sowing season, autumn is also a good time to sow flowers and vegetables. In the open ground in the vegetable patch and in the garden or in a planter on its balcony and its window sills, the sowing carried out between September and the first frosts will give you nice surprises the following months!

Sow flowers in autumn, in the ground or in a planter

In the wild, the seeds of certain flowers disperse at the very end of summer and patiently await the return of sunny days in the open ground, before germinating in spring. To reproduce this natural cycle, it is therefore entirely possible to sow your flower seeds on the fly or in a planter, then forget about them completely until spring! No need for watering or special care, just cover the seeds with a little soil and let nature do its work. Which flowers to sow? Only rustic annuals can be sown in the open ground in autumn: try, for example, poppies, blueberries, poppies, lark's feet, snapdragons or even Damascus nigelles.

California poppies are sown in the open ground, on the fly

Sow winter salads in September and October

In the vegetable patch, gardeners must constantly anticipate the next season. In autumn, it is therefore time to sow all varieties of winter salads. In September, sow arugula and mesclun then in October, continue with the sowing of spinach and mustard seeds. In November, you can even continue to sprinkle lamb's lettuce to be sure you have beautiful salads rich in vitamins and minerals all winter! The gardener's tip: sow your salads in the rising moon and in leaf day. Check out our lunar calendar!

Mesclun sows until the end of September

Sow early vegetables for the winter

In the vegetable patch or on the balcony, fall is also a good time to sow turnips, early carrots, onions, beans and winter radishes. If you have a large vegetable patch, also think of kohlrabi and round peas, you will not regret it a few weeks later! To promote germination, you can let the seeds soak in lukewarm water the night before, then sow on a plot protected from the wind and well exposed to the sun. The gardener's tip: sow carrots, onions, turnips and radishes in the rising moon and in the root day.

Winter radish crops are expected in the fall!

Sowing aromatics in autumn

Certain aromatic plants are also sown in autumn! In September, sow the coriander in pots on your balcony without hesitation, as well as the oregano and sage. Ditto for chervil and parsley, which can be sown until the end of October! And if you do not have a balcony, do not hesitate to sow also indoors, following the same instructions as for spring sowing. Good sowing and good harvests!

Parsley, an aromatic to sow until the end of October