My perfect cozy bedroom: indus' hipster Pinterest inspirations from Turbulences déco

My perfect cozy bedroom: indus' hipster Pinterest inspirations from Turbulences déco

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As part of the operation "My perfect cozy room", Clémence de Turbulences déco - and we really like this blog at the editorial office! - gathered his industrial hipster inspirations…

Warm gray shades for loft bedroom

As Clémence tells us, if this loft looks like the perfect New York loft, it is Londoner! In the bedroom, the elegance of the shades of gray is warmed by the exposed bricks, the trophy that decorates the bedspread and the vintage trunk that acts as a bedside table - we keep the idea for us!

Daring color in an industrial room

There, in this loft room, we dare to proudly color and it's a success! We owe this audacity to the Spanish actor and director Gustavo Salmeron who imagined his loft as a real cinema setting. What make us want to put on the hook to make a colorful bedspread like this!

Indus' chic room

In this beautiful indus' chic room, in addition to the purring cat, we note the accumulation of eclectic objects and furniture: worked bed, retro fifties armchair, side table in twisted wood, layered frames… The whole is elegant and bright !

Industry and wood

There, we are in adoration facing the custom wooden headboard, taking the full width of the wall and integrating storage on each side of the bed.

Loft and warm materials

In this loft, the bedroom while playing on industrial codes (workshop canopy, raw concrete, designer sconces) warm up thanks to cozy materials and shapes: a round armchair seems to stretch out its arms to us, while the head fabric bed cover and a pretty green carpet look as soft as you want. To find the rest of Clémence's industrial bedroom inspirations, go to Pinterest!


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