Colocation: choose a decor that appeals to all

Colocation: choose a decor that appeals to all

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During studies or when making a new start, it may be wise to opt for colocation. We thus benefit from a larger accommodation and we forge links with the other inhabitants living in this collective cocoon. But what about the decor? It is not so easy to please everyone. This is why today, we give you some tips for choosing a decor that will appeal to all roommates.

Neutral colors and natural materials

Living in a shared apartment means living with others. For the decor of the accommodation to appeal to the greatest number, it must be kept simple. To do this, it is recommended to bet on very neutral colors such as white or gray. We must favor light colors and play the card of sobriety. As for coatings and furniture, natural materials are essential. Wood pleases everyone! And for the decorative elements, we choose once again modern but refined pieces. The plants are very appreciated in colocation because they decorate without personalizing too much. Think about it!

Smart storage

In the kitchen, in the bathroom and even in the common areas, everyone has their own business. So that the shambles do not overwhelm the house, there must be clever storage. The ideal remains of course cupboards in which each inhabitant has shelves. It is also possible to install shelves with individual baskets. So even community members who are messy can find their way around.

A fair for everyone

The living room is the place where everyone gathers. It is the space which must be the best thought but also the one in which the decoration is important. It is possible to opt for the sleek style but it can be cold. Other styles such as industrial decor or the Scandinavian atmosphere are attractive and can be an option that appeals to everyone! It is necessary to discuss it, to agree and to create together a pleasant space to live.

Organized cuisine

In families, cooking is a key place. It is just as much in roommates. To successfully decorate the kitchen, you have to choose practicality. Once again, sober colors are in order. For materials, preference is given to those that are easy to clean. Everything must be stored in cupboards! And for decoration, we put on beautiful retro posters! Often colored, they manage to brighten up the common rooms and are unanimous.

Personalized rooms

In a shared flat, the bedroom is the place where everything is allowed. It's your space and you do what you want with it! Fancy a quirky or very marked decor? It's your choice ! Just think that one day you may have to leave this space. If your move to a shared apartment is temporary, it is advisable to leave the walls white and personalize your space thanks to the many decorative elements available to you.