8 decorative styles for an office that throws away

8 decorative styles for an office that throws away

Are you one of those lucky people who work from home? But between space constraints, storage, planning, furniture or even your stacks of files, the decor tends to go last. It is however simple to make life easier while bringing an aesthetic touch to your office. Follow the guide !

A minimalist decor for an office that breathes

A desk overloaded with paper and other decorative accessories of all kinds tends to seem more creative. However, no doubt about it: to get better organized and be more productive, you will have to seriously consider ventilating your workspace as much as possible. One watchword: minimalism. So to see more clearly in your decor and especially in your work, try toorganize your office by emptying everything and sorting more than selective to keep only the essentials. We think of a computer, storage, pencil holders, desk lamp and notebooks. Your office area will finally be able to breathe ... And your brain too!

The purer your office space, the more you will enjoy working there!

A Scandinavian office for a very hygienic workspace

Between your mail, invoices, current files, completed files, briefs, meetings ... It's easy to feel completely overloaded. Then surf on the trend of "hygge" ("Danish well-being", which must be pronounced "hugueu") and opt for a 100% Scandinavian decor. For decorate your office and work well, bet on light raw wood furniture, cozy carpets, a pastel color chart and a good dose of light. All means are good to create a cozy office corner and feel calm. We also think of a few scented candles, green plants and bouquets of wild flowers. The result promises to be just perfect!

The most important thing: an office decorated in a style that appeals to you!

A workshop-style office decor to stimulate your creativity

For decorate your office corner workshop-style, don't skimp on the quality of your office itself. In order to really achieve this factory atmosphere, the key accessory remains a desk in raw wood on trestles. Also think of some decorative storage like old vegetable or wine boxes, made of wood. Once customized, use them as storage or shelves! They will prove to be ideal for optimizing the ceiling height, or even to be easily slid under the desk. Also opt for a ideas board to fix your reminders and other projects in progress. However, do not overload the room too much with storage… It is rather a question of finding a balance in order to best organize your work while keeping this creative workshop spirit.

Trestles and glass plate or metal feet, the workshop style inspires you!

A contemporary office decor with a few selected accessories

Stationery, pencils, pens, desk lamps, notebooks, pen holders, mouse pads ... All the decorative means are good for mixing business with pleasure, especially if you want an ultra modern office! For example, choose a mixture of materials. We think for example of a nice designer desk in glass, a leather chair and metal accessories. Also bet on a nice frame or decorative panel fixed to the wall to hang your planning of the month or the week. The touch of originality: add hooks on the wall to hang your computer tools like your headphones, headphones or your laptop charger. But beware, here again, it is not a question of making a collection of accessories for pleasure, but of carefully selecting the essential objects in your office, without overloading it.

The accessories allow you to customize your space easily.

A New York loft-style industrial office corner

Are you starting to decorate your office? We validate! But beware, to get an industrial atmosphere, the first step is obviously to choose the right office. For a flawless bet on a solid metal desk . A quality office will sustainably boost your decor, especially if you want to give it a second life in the future. Add a stool or an office chair in aged leather. Sprinkle everything with a few decorative accessories such as brushed steel lamps, spotlights or stripped bulbs. The result promises to be there!

Wood, metal and leather, the perfect combination for an office with an industrial look.

Retro decor for an authentic office

To add a retro touch to the decor of your office, bet on recycling and hunt your decorative accessories as much as possible. We think for example of a dark wooden desk to start. Also consider reusing furniture such as a Provencal kitchen chair, a buffet to store your files or old jars that will serve as pretty pencil pots while adding style to your decor. Also bet on retro patterned wallpaper on a wall panel and add a woven rug in a similar color palette. Think of a few reminders with decorative accessories like a desk lamp or a soft cushion on the chair. We validate!

Nothing like a retro desk to create a timeless workspace!

An eclectic and vitaminized office decor

That your corner office either located in a small space or in the middle of a loft (as in your wildest dreams), boost the appearance of your workspace thanks to the decoration. Start by choosing a color pallet tangy close: printed cushions, decorative rugs, stationery, office chair ... Decline everything with your furniture and some graphic decorative accessories. It is also an opportunity to let go and have no limits (or almost). Our tip: boost your office area with a top wall decoration. Mix of decorative frames, photos, panels, postcards or pages cut out from magazines… you have carte blanche! This inspirational space is above all yours, so take advantage of it.

An eclectic decor to boost your creativity? The good idea!

A cozy boudoir-style office decor

If you want to decorate your office like a small boudoir, bet above all on sobriety in the choice of your colors. Everything (or almost) will be played in thecombination of materials . We think of vintage furniture in beige and cream tones to start. Then comes the choice of materials ... And the must here remains the velvet ! Decorative cushions, deep carpet and comfortable office chair will be welcome. The final touch: a refined chandelier, wallpaper in copper tones and the addition of a Venetian mirror. A sublime setting for all your creations, from the most intimate to the most daring!

An old style for romantic souls looking for inspiration!