7 tips to redecorate your kitchen without breaking everything

7 tips to redecorate your kitchen without breaking everything

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The kitchen is a room in which we spend a lot of time. We share our meals there, we prepare good meals, we like to bask around tea or coffee. In short, it is a space for sharing, in which one enjoys feeling good. Nothing worse then an old-fashioned kitchen, badly arranged, which does not look like you, in which you do not want to stay. Whether you are a tenant or an owner, there are a multitude of small tricks to give a breath of fresh air to this room without breaking its piggy bank (or its walls). Often it's the details that make all the difference, so we give you our best ideas for redecorating your kitchen on a budget!

Change handles

If you have inherited a rustic, old-fashioned kitchen that was installed before your arrival or if you no longer really like the one you have chosen but you do not have the budget to renovate everything, you can make a small modification that will restore the look to your kitchen. By simply changing the handles of each door of your kitchen furniture you can revamp your furniture and customize it to your image! For a more than reasonable budget, you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

Superfront offers a very nice selection of handles for kitchen furniture

Make your appliance shine

You can no longer see your appliance and its color a little faded? Your white fridge gives you the cockroach? Do not panic, if your budget does not allow you to invest in a complete renewal of your equipment, especially since it still works very well. Did you know that you can simply paint your fridge or washing machine for example? You can renovate its original white, or customize it steel color if you want. With a few brush strokes and a little elbow grease, your appliance will look like new!

Masking tape on your appliance and it would give it a second life!

Paint your kitchen items

The color of your furniture elements in your kitchen is what you see first, it is the first visual impact when you enter this room. If the color no longer appeals to you but your piggy bank looks gray, find morale! It only takes a well-known home-staging tip to give your furniture a new look. It is simply a matter of repainting your elements with a suitable paint. Your old rustic dark wood kitchen can quickly transform into a beautiful light kitchen with a ceruse look.

Renovate the credenza

Tired of the credenza tiles but you don't have the budget to break everything, or the soul of an artist to repaint everything? Today there is a solution of adhesive wall coverings that allow without tools, glue, work or dust to easily revamp the splashback of your kitchen, for example. In the form of tiles to stick yourself, you can very easily give free rein to your aesthetic desires without generating complicated work. The variety of models available on the market can allow you to relook inexpensively but a lot of effect your kitchen.

An adhesive splashback: easy to apply and completely accessible!

Modify the taps

You have tried everything: very industrial products with grandmother's recipes based on lemon, coarse salt and bicarbonate but nothing helps, your taps are always as dull and give a neglected feeling to all your cooking. Why not change your taps and opt for a brand new mixer? This is a small detail for a moderate budget that will give a more new look to your kitchen.

Change the lights

This may be one of the last changes you would have thought of and yet changing the light in your kitchen is a small change that can have a maxi-effect. Whether it's a change in intensity of your bulb (s), choosing them with visible filaments, completely changing their location or shape by switching from a suspension or ceiling light to diverted lights among others, a modification of your lights can immediately give a new touch to your kitchen.

Renovate your floor

Imitation cement tiles, parquet, porcelain, vinyl coverings and laminate floors are popular and allow everyone to give free rein to their imagination and dare all the fantasies and possible combinations for a resolutely decorative floor. If you do not want to start painting your kitchen furniture, be aware that a new floor covering can allow you to give a completely different look to this room and make it look like new. No need to break everything, neither the walls, nor your piggy bank, to give your kitchen a little freshness. Sometimes a minor change is enough to feel a sense of novelty. Who knows if with a little decoration and nice ideas, you will not like your old kitchen again?