How to organize your office?

How to organize your office?

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Increase comfort and productivity by creating a welcoming and functional workspace. Impeccable tray, sorted papers, optimized storage modules, clean up and tidy up for an office always better organized and flawless organization. Are you ready to get to work?

Clear your desk

First step for a well organized and functional office : get rid of it completely. Start from scratch by putting everything on the ground. You need indeed a blank space in order to start on a good basis. So start to sort by establishing an order of priority: throw away everything that you have not used for a long time and keep only what is essential for your daily life: two pens, your calendar, your computer and a notebook Post-it® are often sufficient. The objective? Clean, optimize space and keep only the bare essentials. It's time for minimalism!

First step: clear your desk and ... sort!

Organize and organize your desk

Tidy up and organize your office in a personalized way. You will gain comfort and productivity. And that is proven! So start by sorting and filing your papers, because they are the ones that clutter the desks the most. Then establish statutes: to read / to deal with / to do / to keep, depending on your activity or your different subjects to manage. This type of organization will allow you to see more clearly and above all ... not to forget anything! The ideal? Use horizontal banners, compartmentalized A4 boxes or vertical file organizers. Choose what you think is most practical on a daily basis. A word of advice: in order to prevent disorder from re-establishing itself in your new organization, make a quick inventory once a week and move the papers from one basket to another if their status has changed.

The binders are your friends! Keep them near the desk for easy daily storage.

Create a functional office with suitable storage

What would a beautiful and tidy office be without functional storage? A great bazaar! Invest in practical and easy-to-reach modules such as wheeled drawers, drawers, shelves for filing cabinets or wall storage. The key is there: with easy-to-access modules, you will be happy to tidy up all the time, and who knows? You might even enjoy tidying up. On the desk, choose a single box and store all your small daily accessories (pens, paper clips, Post-it® and various supplies). Also group all of your cables and chargers in one box. Do not neglect the multiple socket which allows you to channel the connected cables a little. An impeccable and decorative office in perspective!

Adapt your storage to your needs, you will gain in efficiency!

The essential accessories for your office

As for accessories, a few parts are essential for working peacefully. Even if order is essential, lighting and comfort are all essential factors for optimal productivity. * Choose one adapted light fixture. Ideally place your desk near a window to make the most of natural light. At the end of the day or after dark, you will need a lamp adapted to your desk in order to save yourself any visual fatigue. Take the time to choose it well! * Choose a quality armchair. Avoid choosing it online and instead try it "for real" in stores. After all, you will sit there for a long time, so you might as well test it upstream and thus avoid back pain. * Don't forget the wastepaper basket , to be placed under the desk. You will be able to throw directly what is lying around, and without waiting. Time savings guaranteed.

A beautiful lamp to work pleasantly, even when the sun is hiding!

Keep a desk tidy and tidy

The whole nerve of war is there. Do not allow yourself to be invaded and continue to tidy up as you go. Five minutes a day before leaving your office will be enough and will make a huge difference. You will then leave with peace of mind and will be able to better enjoy your evening. The next day you can start your day without wasting time and thus be all the more efficient. So take a few minutes to tidy up every day, it will save time afterwards. Last tip: even if it is not a question of re-cluttering the space, it has been proven that green plants contribute to well-being and help to develop creativity. So why deprive yourself of it? Improve your environment by flowering your office, but sparingly. A word to the wise!

A few green plants will brighten up your office area in style!