Survival kit: the essentials of the first apartment

Survival kit: the essentials of the first apartment

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Have you finally found the apartment of your dreams but don't know where to turn? Decorative accessories, choice of furniture, utensils, storage and investment: dé gives you the list of essentials for a first apartment. Your survival depends on it.

Smart accessories essential in a first apartment

To tackle the decoration of your first apartment, just one watchword: designer accessories. But beware, when we talk about accessories, we think of ultra-smart and multifunctional objects. So to avoid ruining yourself, think above all of everyday objects such as curtains, fluffy carpets or screens which will not only be assets to shake up your decor but which will also help you to compartmentalize your rooms with simplicity. Also think of the sets of mirrors and reflective accessories, they will add personality to your interior and give the illusion of a much more spacious apartment. Not bad is not it ?

Panels or curtains: two very simple ideas for smooth partitioning.

A soft convertible sofa in the living room

Perhaps seen as an investment at first glance, the convertible sofa remains the ultimate weapon for any first apartment. Whether you have an apartment with a living room or a small studio, it may save you more than once! Not to mention the many last minute guests who will show up at your door. So do not skimp on the quality of the sofa and prefer a two-seater sofa bed for more comfort. Your back thanks you in advance (and so do your friends).

Our most precious ally: the convertible sofa!

A top comfort loft bed in a first apartment

To save space in a first apartment without compromising your comfort, we advise you to opt for a loft bed (if the height under the ceiling allows you of course). This decorative and functional piece of furniture will allow you to fall into the arms of Morphée whether you are in the heart of the living room or in a quiet room. The plus: you choose if you prefer to settle in a cozy living room with poufs under the bed, a reading corner or an organized office space. Being able to choose in a small apartment cannot be denied!

With the loft bed, you no longer miss a living room in your first apartment!

Library furniture to act as a separation

If you want to add character to your first apartment, consider the famous library. We are obviously not talking about the dedicated room (except for the lucky ones who read us) but about the furniture. Fixed to the wall, acting as a separation in your room, on a shelf in the bedroom or against the wall of the living room, on the stairs ... Whatever your style and the room chosen, you will make a flawless. Collections of books, art magazines, vases, accessories, trinkets, have fun creating the effect you want. You have carte blanche!

A library for books ... and separate spaces with subtlety!

Kitchen utensils essential to your survival

The following is reserved for cooks (or many amateur enthusiasts), whether your kitchen is small or spacious, remember to choose your utensils with the greatest care. Colander, multifunction knives, cutting boards, can opener, corkscrew, timer, dishes… Make a list of essentials to keep on hand and organize your kitchen to the nearest place, to avoid having to go back and forth to neighbors.

Knives, salt shaker, cutting board ... Make sure you have the essentials!

Quality bed linen for a cozy cocoon

There is no secret ... To create a real cozy little nest in your first apartment, opt for quality household linen. Bath towels, cotton bed linen, plaid, pillows, decorative cushions, thick blankets… The list seems very long at first glance but it is really worth it to get a warm room. We do not know you, but on these words, we would have a little nap?

A nice bed linen is sometimes enough to give the room the character it lacked!

Functional storage systems in a first apartment

From the bedroom to the kitchen via the living room and the bathroom, storage systems are essential in a first apartment, to ventilate your space and organize your rooms as well as possible. We think for example of the height under ceiling to organize your everyday objects on wall shelves or using coat hooks (perfect for towels and rags). We still think of cupboards installed in the kitchen. Also opt for more discreet storage like baskets or compartments attached behind a door, a folding coffee table in the living room or a sliding desk, perfect for camouflaging your everyday objects in the blink of an eye. Clever, right?

A coffee table with drawers or even pretty baskets provide decorative storage!