Papyrus, an exotic plant easy to grow

Papyrus, an exotic plant easy to grow

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The name alone makes us travel. The papyrus, with its long flexible and aerial stems and its large umbels, is second to none to bring an exotic air to a room. And in addition to being wildly exotic, it is very simple to cultivate and reproduce…

The papyrus, the mythical plant of the Egyptians

Before coming to flourish in your cozy little nest, the papyrus has long preferred to grow on the banks of the Nile. Feet in the water and head in the sun, he took advantage of the heat of the Egyptian climate before being picked to be transformed into baskets, rope or simply fuel. During Antiquity, it served to prepare the ancestor of paper, the famous "papyrus" ... If A4 sheets replaced the ancient papyrus and if the pyramids of Tutankhamun seem far from your living room, the papyrus has kept this ancient aura… Strangely enough, it is enough to cultivate a papyrus at home to appropriate a tiny part of the history of ancient Egypt. Yes, yes, you will see!

I want an Egyptian plant at home!

How to grow a papyrus at home?

To take the test, there is no need to transform your stay into the banks of the Nile. The papyrus grows perfectly well indoors under two conditions: it needs a lot of light and a lot of water. If you have a small place to devote to it in a very bright room, near a window or a picture window, the rest is child's play. Choose a very large pot, such as a bucket at least 30cm in diameter, pour a few clay balls at the bottom and fill it with a mixture of soil and potting soil. Then plant your papyrus by letting the collar protrude from the surface, then water until the soil is completely soaked, even flooded! If you can, prefer rain or river water to tap water, or let the water sit overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate. Then, just hold the soggy earth to make your papyrus believe that his feet are in a swamp. Leave the saucer still filled with water or place your pot squarely in another pot filled with water, adding just a piece of charcoal to avoid bad odors…

In a vase or a pot, the papyrus is ultra decorative

How to grow a papyrus on your terrace or in your garden?

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or a terrace, do not hesitate to take out your papyrus in a pot as soon as summer arrives and all the risks of frost are definitively eliminated. In the early fall, quickly bring it warm before the night temperatures drop below 5 ° C. In mild climates, the papyrus also thrives in the garden, and even more so on the banks of an aquatic garden. It is then enough to plant it in a suitable pot, then immerse it a few centimeters below the surface of the water to be certain that it benefits from the constant humidity level which it needs. Among the many varieties of papyrus available in garden centers, note that some are more suitable for outdoor cultivation, such as Cyperus longus.

The papyrus are superb on a terrace or veranda

How to easily make papyrus cuttings?

Indoors and outdoors, the papyrus then turns out to be a very easy plant to cultivate as soon as it is sufficiently watered. Not very prone to diseases, it grows very quickly, which gives it an even more appreciable exotic charm. Better yet, it divides very easily and gives the impression to amateur gardeners of doing small miracles. It is enough to cut a crown of leaves, to cut their upper part with scissors, then to immerse these green pompoms in a glass of water upside down. About three weeks later, the first roots appear, followed by new leaves. The cutting can then be potted, with soil, potting soil, and lots and lots of water!

A very simple plant to reproduce at home!


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