What to do with wheat?

What to do with wheat?

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In summer as in autumn, wheat brings an irresistible decorative touch to our interiors. Perhaps it is because it awakens in us the memory of the great harvest festivals that have punctuated the life of peasants for centuries? Today, if we have forgotten all the superstitions of lucky wheat, this blonde cereal continues to inspire us. The proof with these 5 simple ideas to bring wheat (and abundance) home!

A bouquet of wheat and flowers for a natural decoration

In many countries, an age-old tradition is to make a bunch of wheat and hang it on the door of your house to make it prosperous. The peasants have always attributed to wheat a strong symbolic power: it brings fertility, fertility, growth and abundance… So many good reasons to make magnificent bouquets of wheat, without hesitating to mix the ears of corn with sprigs of lavender , wild flowers, blue thistles, gypsophila, daisies or sunflowers…

Wheat and lavender sprigs to dry

Lucky ears

In many cultures, the ears of wheat are a symbolic present to ensure happiness and prosperity for those close to them. Some offer them by seven, like the number of days in the week and the number of deadly sins they are supposed to protect. Others prefer to offer them by twelve, like the number of months of the year. In all cases, you just have to make a small bouquet, tie it with a pretty ribbon and offer it while wishing a lot of happiness. We also love the idea of ​​wrapping a colorful ribbon or string around each ear to stage the bouquet!

A small gift to wish great happiness

A lucky wall decoration

Another tradition which has its roots in the symbolism of wheat consists in braiding twelve ears to make a decoration to hang on a wall until the next harvest. Quite easy to make (the tutorial is here), this vegetable composition not only brings abundance to the superstitious but above all a pretty touch of nature in the house!

A symbolic decoration to do yourself

Table decoration with wheat

Throughout the summer, the ears of wheat can also be used to make beautiful table decorations with three times nothing. Very popular during country weddings, this cereal brings a crazy charm to bouquets of centerpieces, plate decorations and can even be used as a name tag with a pretty label. A natural decor that even suits gluten-free diets!

Wheat dresses summer tables with a rustic touch

Appetizers with an ear of wheat

Finally, to surprise your guests, you can also use wheat ears as skewers to present summer appetizers. If the stems are too soft, nothing prevents cheating by doubling them with a wooden pick fixed by a colored tape. It will only take you a few minutes, but your dish and kebabs will be unforgettable.

The ear of wheat, the detail that changes everything!


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