Investing in an apartment for short term rental

Investing in an apartment for short term rental

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Short-term furnished rentals are booming. This niche is now becoming more professional. This is how A la Carte Invest responds to the request of individuals who wish to acquire an apartment to make a high-yield rental investment.

A la Carte Invest, a specialized company

After ten years of experience in high-end tourist rentals in Paris with A la Carte Paris, Alex Wagner has created A la Carte Invest. This company is an expert in the research and renovation of apartments. She knows exactly how to choose and optimize an apartment to make it an attractive accommodation, which meets the requirements of the customers. It is 90% Anglo-Saxon (USA, Canada, Australia).

A turnkey service

A la Carte Invest supports investors from start to finish to offer them a turnkey investment: property search, renovation, furniture and equipment, and finally rental. Everything follows a proven specification, for an average rental yield of 5% per year.

A solid Parisian real estate market

The Parisian real estate market remains a favorable investment despite the global crisis of 2008. It resisted the fall in prices very well in 2009. In addition, it is a tense market due to its very low buildability. It is therefore coveted, especially in the historic center. A la Carte Invest focuses on a few Paris boroughs: 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th, much sought after by short-term tenants. The purchase price of an apartment in these districts is at least € 10,000 per m². But there is no need to buy a large area.

Targeted research and acquisition

After a prior agreement on the research plan, A La Carte Invest is looking for corresponding goods by relying on its network. A visit report is sent to the customer after each visit. A la Carte Invest also assists the investor with administrative formalities and can put him in contact, if necessary with specialized professionals (notaries, tax specialists, lawyers, banks, etc.) and English speakers.

Renovation of the apartment

Once the apartment has been found, A la Carte Invest estimates and supervises its renovation, which can sometimes include an overhaul of volumes and rooms. A la Carte Invest monitors the site by ensuring that deadlines are met, sends progress reports to the client at regular intervals.

Furniture and equipment

A la Carte defines and implements all interior design. Its access to professional rates allows it to offer a reasonable budget. The objective is to create a warm interior in a very stylish "bric-a-brac" or contemporary style. The company takes care of everything: furniture, bedding, crockery, decoration, cleaning products, basic food products, bathroom linen, CD, DVD, books, telephone and unlimited Internet… When arriving, the tenant must feel like his home.

The cost to the owner

For the search for the apartment, the owner pays 5% of the purchase price of the property as fees to A la Carte Invest. For the materials necessary for the renovation, the furniture and the total equipment, the package is € 800 per m², plus a package of € 10,000. To this must be added the labor cost of the work, which varies depending on the initial condition of the apartment.

The report for the owner

These apartments, once renovated and equipped, are rented between 1200 and 1800 € per week. A la Carte takes care of rental contracts, entry and exit, cleaning, linen, replacement of all necessary products, and answering all questions from the tenant. The owner receives around € 100 per night of rental, unless he prefers to receive a monthly fee. In the end, profitability is 5% n on average, noted. To know more :