13 eco cushions

13 eco cushions

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The essential cushions are now responsible. Made from recycled or natural materials, made in France or from fair trade, you will find cushions as beautiful as green! Discover our selection of 13 models for the living room, for the bedroom or for your children.


With its ultra colorful geometric flower patterns, Lusy Blom is part of the sustainable approach of the Swedish giant. Ikea had the idea of ​​making his cushions with scraps of textiles from the production of quilts.

In spelled bales

Anaïs Liberté makes organic cotton cushions by hand noname and uses fair trade wool and natural or recycled raw materials. Some are garnished with organic spelled balls with soothing properties, which adapt to all sleeping positions

100% organic cotton

In Ferm Living , children's cushions, including the Mr Franck Fox model, with an adorable fox, are 100% organic cotton. A range that combines modernity, design, quality and respect for nature.

Fair trade

In Ekimana , the 100% cotton cushion covers are made in an Indian cooperative, in an approach that respects the principles of fair trade and the environment.


In Muskhane , find several ranges of cushions made of felt (boiled wool), of all sizes and all colors. The brand is committed to a fair trade approach, using natural and renewable materials. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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