Decorate your tree at a low price

Decorate your tree at a low price

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Christmas balls, garlands and other decorations are on the party! That's good, this year we decided to put the tree on its 31. Faced with multiple possibilities, we give you the trends of the moment!

Scandinavian atmosphere

In recent seasons, this is indeed a trend that has taken hold and which continues. Coming from the cold, the Scandinavian style does everything to warm us and help us spend a cozy winter. Very nature and tradition (even if the design holds a place of choice there), the style also applies to the Christmas decoration and especially to the fir tree, the king of the forests which the Scandinavians particularly like. Close to nature, the inhabitants will favor for their tree a red and white color theme which allows everything to match (RURAL TRADITION range) easily. For suspensions, use natural materials such as wood (NATURE SCANDINAVIAN reindeer). This is the secret of the Scandinavian touch: authenticity! Also play with the shapes of the suspensions: the snowflakes (NATURE SCANDINAVIAN) and the pine cones (NATURE SCANDINAVIAN), you almost believe it!

A golden Christmas

Who says gilding does not mean bling! On the contrary, like the Anglo-Saxons, we play classic chic. In order not to leave in all directions, we choose a type of garland that we combine with suspensions or balls of all kinds and we compose our tree. Attention, "Less is more" ("less is better" as our English friends say) is the sentence to keep in mind to stay in good taste. We sometimes tend to let go of ourselves when it comes to decoration! F In our selection of the moment, we recommend lots of golden balls as you wish (TRADITION RURALE), sparkling pine cone suspensions (TRADITION RURALE) and garlands like pearls ( CHARM SWEET) as well as other more traditional iridescent (RURAL TRADITION). And hop, the charm operates!

A decor from top to bottom

Here, we are almost there and so that the tradition of the fir tree is perfectly respected, only a crest is missing. But if, you know, that's what we put on the tip of the Christmas tree. For the record, it is said that it represents the star of Bethlehem which would have guided the Three Kings. Precisely in the shape of a star or more classic in glass, the crest gives the final touch. We can then, according to his beliefs and tastes, decorate the base of the tree with a manger to install animals (CHRISTMAS LIGHT) or light objects that will enliven your living room. Of course, this Christmas promises to be magnificent!

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