14 high-tech wooden accessories

14 high-tech wooden accessories

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A selection to delight your soul as an eco-geek, with high-tech eco-designed objects… made of wood! Clock radio, headphones, laptop cases, USB key, mouse pad, treat yourself to warm and aesthetic accessories that respect nature.

Around the computer

Give your office a zen feel with wooden computer accessories. Tap on a bamboo keyboard (Textorm), and run your wooden mouse on a matching Urban Factory rug. To load your data, the USB key is also made of wood, with more or less refined designs (Oooms).

Around the cell phone

Dress up your mobile phone for a very classy and eco-friendly look. The Vers brand offers wooden cases for iPhone and iPad in 100% natural bamboo, handcrafted (on sale in particular at Nature et Découvertes). To charge your laptop, also consider the charger, which is always made of bamboo. At decodurable.com, an original solar model in the shape of a tree.

But also…

Wake up green with a wooden clock radio, like Lexon's Safe Radio, made of bamboo and polylactide, a biodegradable thermoplastic material. To listen to the radio, you will have to turn a crank to recharge the station with energy! At Vers, you will find in-ear headphones with microphone and control button, bamboo or walnut finish.