Tutorial: transform aluminum cans into pretty decorative vases

Tutorial: transform aluminum cans into pretty decorative vases

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The simplest ideas are often the best! I had this idea a while ago while drinking a coffee from a Revol cup (those that have the shape of a deformed cup) and the result is really nice. A few empty cans, paint, and you're ready to go.


- cans of different sizes; - spray paint.

Budget: 10 euros Duration: 10 minutes


1. To start, slightly deform the cans by pressing on them. Be careful not to press too hard, the edges can be sharp.

2. Once the shapes are right for you, paint the cans one after the other with a spray paint in a ventilated area. To paint, hold the bomb about six inches from the cans and begin to bomb. I advise you to buy paint cans used by graffiti artists rather than those sold in DIY stores. They are much cheaper and have a much lower flow rate, so they are much easier to control!


And now, your DIY vase is finished! Add a little water, a few flowers and voila. I used two different colors, but the result is also nice with only one color, you see.

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