Clean exotic wood

Clean exotic wood

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Teak, ebony, eucalyptus or rosewood, there are different types of exotic wood. These all have one thing in common: they give the inside or outside of your home a warm note from elsewhere, a zen or tropical side that make their success today. In order to preserve the natural beauty of exotic woods, there are some very useful cleaning tips to know. Here are our tips for properly maintaining your noble wood furniture, removing stubborn stains without damaging your furniture.

Give a second life to a piece of furniture worn by time

Although the exotic wood furniture on the market is generally protected, you are never immune to dirt, stains or aging. When your furniture - whether installed outside or inside - needs a facelift, we rub it with a damp sponge or a hard brush (depending on the condition, which will be more or less dirty) soaked in dishwashing liquid before rinsing with clean water. Above all, do not apply any abrasive or detergent and settle for this very effective grandmother remedy.

Overcoming a stain with turpentine oil

Beyond the degradation due to time, your furniture can get dirty due to various elements. If your furniture has stained parts, such as traces of glass or bird droppings that do not leave after cleaning with a sponge, consider using a cloth soaked in turpentine oil with which you will rub the furniture. Turpentine oil will gently remove stubborn traces, without damaging the wood, and nourish your furniture at the same time.

Do not put exotic wood outdoors after summer

Do you have exotic wood furniture on your terrace or in your garden? To prevent the wood from blackening, do not expose it to rain and frost. In other words, if your outdoor furniture can spend the whole summer outdoors, it will be imperative to bring it in winter. If it has already taken on a greyish color, the solution is to sand it with fine sandpaper. It is then protected with linseed oil or exotic wood oil. Your furniture is refurbished in no time!