How to revamp and arrange a fireplace decoration?

How to revamp and arrange a fireplace decoration?

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Modernize a fireplace with a box

The box, like the insert, immediately brings a modern touch to a fireplace and allows you to change your decor without touching your fireplace.

For revamp your fireplace at a lower cost, you can also create a fireplace mantel with a recycled pallet or even create a box yourself using wooden planks that you will paint in the color of your choice.

Budget to forecast : from a few tens of euros if you decide to start decorating your fireplace in DIY mode (you will have no trouble finding it on the internet, but you need to have some DIY knowledge) to several hundred euros if you buy and have your chimney box installed via a specialized store.

Install cladding panels around the chimney

Easy to install, facing plates allow to frame the fireplace nicely to enhance it and create a warm atmosphere in the room.

For a fireplace decoration which meets your desires and which goes perfectly with the style of the room, the facing tiles exist today in many colors and many materials: natural stone for an authentic style, wooden for a chalet-style living room, in concrete for a more contemporary interior, in brick for a trendy industrial side… You will understand, all tastes are allowed!

Budget to forecast : from 15 to 80 euros per square meter on average (depending on the material chosen).

Paint your chimney

If you are on a budget and don't want to take on too much work, you can simply breathe new life into your fireplace by painting it in a new color. Please note, the choice of colors is not trivial: choose a lighter color to bring more brightness to the room, or in a pop shade to brighten up a living room or bedroom.
Depending on the materials in which your fireplace is made, you will first have to either degrease the marble, or clean the cement or wood well before applying an undercoat and then a coat of paint (glycero type).
Consider using tape to delimit the area to be painted and avoid redecorating the living room walls! If you don't want to change the look and style of your fireplace, you can simply repaint your existing fireplace in another color without distorting it.

Budget to forecast : from 30 to 100 euros depending on the paint chosen.

For a top fireplace decoration, think accessories

Whichever option you choose, once your revamped fireplace and finally to your taste (and to the taste of the day) do not hesitate to decorate it to bring pep's and life to your home.
You can for example adorn your chimney breast with succulents, candles, small decorative objects in wrought iron or others.

If your fireplace is in a box (and therefore there is no chimney breast), do not hesitate to decorate the wall which receives the chimney with frames, photos, mirrors, or letters Deco.