The stickers imitate the frames

The stickers imitate the frames

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In decoration, stickers can sometimes create unexpected styles. And for that, the trompe-l'oeil frames are the most spectacular! Besides, the stickers even imitate the frames. Demonstration. There are two ways to use the sticker in the form of a frame: you can either use it in the traditional way or present it empty. You choose !

Hijacked executives

To change traditional frames that highlight your photos and works of art, why not opt ​​for a sticker frame? The work will be all the more magnified thanks to the placing on the same level of the frame and what is inside. Especially since the choices are multiple: straight frame, oval frame, baroque frame ...

Frames as decoration in their own right

What if the frameworks only existed by themselves? Basically, they do not need to be filled to decorate and dress your walls! On the contrary, if you have chosen a very beautiful paint color, the empty frame will make it stand out. For an even more spectacular effect, choose an accumulation of several frames of several dimensions. Discover our selection of frame-shaped stickers: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"