A sandbox in the garden

A sandbox in the garden

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Because children love to play in sandboxes, why not put one in the garden for them? It will then become a real playground for the little ones, and no need to go to the park! Presentation.

Wooden sandboxes

The wooden sandbox has the great advantage of blending into the vegetation of your garden. This is a natural decoration in which you will place the sand so that your child can settle there. You will find square, rectangular or even octagonal. Some models even have a cover to protect the sand from weather and animals.

Plastic sandboxes

More fun, the plastic sandboxes have funny shapes. They are found in the shape of a boat, a frog, a ladybug or even a turtle. They almost always have a protective cover. Note that this type of pool can also be used as a paddling pool. You can also place water in the lid when it is open to offer your child to play in the sand after swimming. Discover our selection of sandboxes for children:


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