The clock in all its forms

The clock in all its forms

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Clocks are not limited to telling the time. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, they set the tone. It's time to give a style to the wall decoration at a lower cost! Discover our selection of clocks from the oldest to the most design.

Vintage clocks

Followers of flea markets and objects that bear witness to the past, opt for an antique clock. Whether pendulum, Roman numerals or pendulum, with a mechanical or quartz system, its antique finishes in wood or metal will take us back in time. From 25 €, available in flea markets, specialist antique decor stores and at antique dealers.

Design clocks

Do you want originality? We break the codes of the traditional clock by removing the dials and swapping the 12 numbers indicating the time for dice, cubes, numbers in different sizes, colored circles or simply by completely removing the numbers for a style more refined. Here, we do not hesitate to bet on pop and acid colors as well as atypical, graphic and arty forms to bring life to the decor and a touch of fantasy. The other option at the cutting edge of design? An LED clock whose dial is made up of luminous cubes displaying the time day and night. Design effect guaranteed at a low price. From 30 €, available in large designer stores.

Playful clocks

Photo frames to surround the dial? This is an original idea that allows you to insert 12 of your favorite photos to personalize the walls. Soft price from 20 euros. From 19 €, available in decoration stores.

Digital clocks

Far from sundials, water clocks and hourglasses, digital and digital clocks embody time measurement in new technologies. Electric clock with LED display, metal frame, glass dial, the display is done by colored diodes (red, blue…). From 40 €, available in stores specializing in new technologies. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"