5 grandmother's tips for sleeping well

5 grandmother's tips for sleeping well

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If falling asleep every night has become a nightmare, know that there are simple, natural solutions that have been proven for centuries to remedy them. We have prepared a small list of tips concocted by our grandmothers for sleeping like a baby. Everyone in bed!

Tip 1: drink warm milk to sleep well

You may not have known it, but drinking a large glass of warm milk before bed really helps you fall asleep. Thanks to the soothing effects of tryptophan it contains, it is a go-back in the arms of Morpheus that it offers you. The plus: adding a spoon of honey is even better!

Tip 2: an infusion of plants for a peaceful night

Does having a glass of milk before going to bed mean nothing to you? Opt for an infusion of plants or herbal teas! Renowned for their soporific virtues, chamomile, linden and orange blossom are sure values! The plus: they prevent early or untimely awakening! Just be careful not to drink a liter of herbal tea before bed, your bladder may wake you up in the middle of the night…

Would you like a small cup of herbal tea?

Tip # 3: relax before bed

Don't jump into bed after getting active all evening! Take the time to relax and set aside at least 30 minutes of relaxation before slipping under the sheets. Read a few chapters of a book or watch a little TV - but not too much.

Tip 4: take a warm bath

Nothing is more soothing than a good warm bubble bath - be careful, avoid too hot baths! Before bedtime, it facilitates relaxation. It is sure, you will fall into a peaceful sleep in a few minutes!

Tip # 5: use lavender

Lavender is known for its soothing and relaxing side, bring it to your room. Indeed, slip a sachet containing it under your pillow or drop a few drops of essential oils on it. You can also, provided you are well accompanied, use it for a body massage. So, are you ready to go to sleep with peace of mind?