Simplicity and harmony of Zen beds

Simplicity and harmony of Zen beds

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1. Japanese Blues bed frame with Inside75 box spring € 498 2. Zen futon bed in solid pine and 3Suisses bed base from € 199 3. Zen cotton bed linen collection Colombine White Wears € 34.99 the duvet cover 4.Bed Zen in solid wood with Cinius bed base and headboard from € 1,785 5. Japanese designer bed Zen spirit in black Futon Azur € 437 6.Bed with white leather imitation slatted base Zen Maisons du monde € 149.90 7.Melissa bed taupe gris But 429.99 € 8. zen futon ecru convertible sofa Futon Azur 699 € 9.Japanese Japanese rattan bed frame from 767 € 10. Chocolate and beige futon mattress Shin Sano Alinéa 349 €

A specific design

Clean lines, sitting at ground level, exotic wood, woven base ... No doubt, you are entering the world of Zen beds. To give a Zen atmosphere to your bedroom, you can opt for a typically Japanese futon bed that will sit on a wooden structure of the most minimalist or for a black or red bed whose design takes up the furniture of the country of the rising sun .

Small Japanese decor touches

For smaller budgets, Japanese bed linen will immediately give a different style to the room. Preferably choose a bed linen set in immaculate linen or with very natural green patterns like bamboo stems. Finally, do not neglect the quality of the mattress, which will be the central element of Japanese bedding.