Chic atmosphere or loft style: the decor is gray!

Chic atmosphere or loft style: the decor is gray!

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The days when gray was associated with sadness are over. Dethroning beige, it is now displayed as the quintessential neutral color. Close-up on a very gray decor, synonymous with refinement and elegance.

Colorful and warm gray for a chic interior

By definition, basic gray is the simple mixture of black and white. However, in an interior, this uniform shade releasing no emotion for the space is to be banished. By adding a color to the mix, the dull gray turns into an infinite panel of colored grays: cement gray, pebble gray, taupe gray, rain gray. On the wall, these shades highlight the decorative elements of the house. With furniture chosen in opposite tones, the contrast creates a refined and harmonious relief.

Cool gray tones for an industrial style

To enhance a home with a gray decor, warm tones are essential ... with the exception of loft-style interiors. In this specific case, cool shades of gray such as concrete color are welcome. As in industrial warehouses, they cover walls, floors and old furniture, thus creating unity and fluidity in the rooms. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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