The tiebacks highlight the curtains

The tiebacks highlight the curtains

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You should know that the kiss is the decorative accessory of curtains! Thanks to this detail that makes the difference, you can give a real decorative style to your curtains. It's up to you to decide if you are choosing a contemporary, romantic or ethnic style!

A kiss for a romantic style

For a romantic style, bet on flowers! You will find fabric flowers to hang on your curtains in colors like red, ivory or chocolate. Graphics, they will add volume to the curtains and enhance them. For an even more feminine effect, you can choose colored ball tiebacks that will remind you of pearl necklaces.

A kiss for an ethnic style

For an ethnic style, we put on simple tiebacks in natural materials. You can for example choose wooden bars. There are round or square versions in which the curtain is wedged using a wooden clasp. On the color side, bet on wenge-stained wood.

A kiss for a contemporary style

For a contemporary spirit, we turn to sober embraces with clean lines. They then combine aesthetics and technicality with magnets to hold the curtain. Their materials are very modern with stainless steel or aluminum.

Put a kiss

To place your tieback on a curtain, there is no real rule! Generally, it is placed at half or a third of the height of the curtain (at the lowest for a more classic effect). And know that you just have to hold the fabric without tightening it too much so that it creates a nice fall.


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