A musical note in the room

A musical note in the room

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What do decor and music have in common? The art of combining. Between a marriage of accessories and a combination of sounds, we make a mix of the two. Like a DJ, let's choose the melodies that will punctuate the decor of our room.

A brass band of musical accessories orchestrates the decor

Since our influences and our musical tastes form the partition of our daily life, let's give music more than a sound dimension: a dimension in 3D. Stickers of musical notes, instruments, discs: anything is allowed as long as it makes your eyes full. Decorated with accessories on the same theme: record player, cushion, armchair or lamp with patterns or in the form of instruments; the look is 100% musical. The cool touch for 70s sound fans? decorate a section of your favorite vinyl wall , whether pop, rock or funk. This retro touch takes us back to the years when music reigned supreme on the radio, and dictated decoration more than ever. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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