Tutorial: a paper towel holder with copper tubes

Tutorial: a paper towel holder with copper tubes

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Following the trend of furniture in pallets, furniture in copper tubes has more and more followers and offers very surprising results. Besides, if the technique may seem difficult at first, it is actually very simple once the pipe cutter is tamed. Today we are going to learn how to make a paper towel holder with copper tubes.

Equipment :

- a copper tube of 200 cm and 16 mm in diameter - 4 copper tee fittings of 16 mm in diameter - 8 90 ° elbow fittings of 16 mm in diameter - a pipe cutter that can open more than 16 mm - a tape measure - adhesive tape Budget: around 25 € Duration: 1 hour


1. Start by cutting the following pieces from the copper tube: - 9 pieces of 7.5 cm; - 2 pieces of 5 cm; - 1 piece of 32 cm; - 1 piece of 25.5 cm; - 1 piece of 17 cm.

2. Once the tubes have been cut to the correct dimensions, prepare the tubes for assembly. Our tip: put a small piece of tape at the ends of the tubes to create more resistance and secure the tubes together.

3. Assemble the different pieces according to the following four parts: - The base Take the 17 cm piece and add an elbow fitting at each end so as to create the first side of a square. Continue by adding a 7.5 cm piece on each side, then a tee fitting on each side. Orient the perpendicular part of the tee fitting upwards and place the two 5 cm pieces in it. You now have half a square. Continue the square with a 7.5 cm piece on each side followed by an elbow fitting, then again with a 7.5 cm piece. Finally, connect the two 7.5 cm pieces on the last side of the square with a tee fitting facing up like the other two. - The axis of the roll This is the part around which the paper towel roll will be placed. Attach a tee fitting to one end of the 10 inch piece. Then attach a 7.5 cm piece on each side of the tee fitting and end with two elbow fittings oriented in the direction of the 25.5 cm piece. The result should look like the base of a fork. - The removable upper part to change the roller The third part consists of the last piece of 7.5 cm with an elbow connection at each end, both oriented in the same direction. This is the part that will be placed at the top and will be removable. So, be careful not to put a piece of tape on the upper end of the 32 cm piece as well as on the end of the 25.5 cm piece. Finally, the last part corresponds to the 32 cm piece of tube.

4. Assemble the four parts together as in the photo, starting with the base.

5. Remove the top part to insert a paper towel roll.


Your trendy and decorative paper towel holder is now finished! And to go even further, wrap cotton cord around certain parts and you will get a very original result.

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