The bed linen collection by Bensimon x Essix

The bed linen collection by Bensimon x Essix

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My first is the author of the famous little tennis, a house recognized in ready-to-wear for its colorful and fresh touch. My second is a brand specializing in bedding and household linen whose acidulous vision boosts our homes. You found ? These are Bensimon and Essix, of course! Back on a happy collaboration that colors fall-winter 2016-2017.

Bensimon x Essix: an obvious collaboration

Everyone places color and creative energy at the heart of their products. First of all, Bensimon, the standard bearer of a cool and relaxed lifestyle, offers a range of lifestyle as simple as it is attractive (cushions, fancy candles, etc.), like its line of clothing inspired by concept- blind Home around the world . Essix likes to burst colors, play on patterns and vary themes. Bed or bath linen, plaids… as long as the good mood is there! It will be understood, the duo Bensimon x Essix promises to awaken the fall-winter 2016-2017 season.

Bensimon x Essix: three bed sets

The tandem presents three creative models: Bandana, Géo, and Toi & Moi Géo. The first honors the famous Eighties scarf with the Paisley pattern. Duvet covers and pillowcases with printed patterns (100% cotton percale 80 thread / cm²) in a midnight blue of the best tone. The Geo set (100% cotton satin) emphasizes warm colors. Bright orange tones, available in graphic lines that are very popular today. Finally, the more classic Toi & Moi Géo model (100% cotton percale 80 threads / cm²), advances solid percales in carmine and petunia. Soft, enveloping color blocks.

Price of duvet covers: 89.50 euros. Price of the pillowcases: 33.50 euros. Visit here to discover the Bensimon x Essix e-shop.


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