Little chefs' kitchen accessories

Little chefs' kitchen accessories

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During the holidays, young gourmets have fun playing chef chefs. They put their hands in the dough to create all kinds of delicacies: cakes, chocolate eggs, muffins ... for a snack or a dessert. With creative cookware, let's celebrate Easter before the time! Why should kitchen accessories be reserved for adults? After all, the dinette is a breeze that can quickly become a reality. To do this, you just need to equip yourself with small, practical and inventive utensils that will whet the culinary curiosity of toddlers.

Silicone molds and cookie cutters with poetic or funny shapes

To have a child's soul is to prefer a cake in the shape of animals or in the shape of stars to a square or rectangular cake. Since small gourmets have a sense of aesthetics, we provide them with silicone molds and cookie cutters so that they can give their sweet recipes funny or poetic forms according to their desires. The plus: as Easter approaches, we prefer mussels in the shape of rabbits, fish, hens or eggs in anticipation of delicious snacks.

Mini version utensils

When cooking becomes fun, it adapts to the size of the children. Since adults have large utensils, children have the right to cute and colorful mini accessories like their dinette. With a mini spatula, a mini whisk, a mini roller, a mini salad bowl, the mini chefs can now take action.

Chef's outfit for young cooks

A successful culinary workshop also involves dress. Indispensable, the apron prevents you from getting dirty, while the chef's hat gives a real chef look. Dressed in this way, young apprentices can only get caught up in the game. All they have to do is roll up their sleeves and try delicious, creative and delicious recipes.