Silicone covers to take your sandwiches everywhere

Silicone covers to take your sandwiches everywhere

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For picnics and lunches at the office, Lékué offers you to do away with transparent films and disposable aluminum foil in favor of a reusable and very decorative silicone cover. Presentation. The sandwich covers are real gourmet cases that can be reused whenever you want. Designed to replace the packaging of take-out sandwiches, the covers protect your lunch without generating any waste. Whether you are a fan of sandwich sandwiches or baguette sandwiches, there is a cover for you. Available in five sizes and three colors, the covers are extendable to fit your sandwich like a second skin. And if you have several sandwiches, you can even write with a pen on the cover to find out what taste is inside. Unless you prefer to leave a caring message to your children who have lunch outside. Needless to say, the covers perfectly preserve the taste of food! Practical, the covers are easy to clean in the dishwasher. They adapt naturally to the fridge and freezer to best store your products. Baguette model from 10.90 euros / sandwich bread model 14.90 euros> More info on


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