How to set up a sports corner at home

How to set up a sports corner at home

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Because not all sports enthusiasts are lucky enough to have a sports space near their home, the house can be a place conducive to effort. Here are our tips for setting up a sports corner at home.

Choose space-saving accessories

Small dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga mats ... As many small accessories that are easy to store or roll up. Forget exercise bikes and other bulky machinery. Today there are many very effective accessories to burn calories to take with you (elastic, jump rope ...) or to store without difficulty.

Simply store your accessories

Hanging your equipment on the wall is an interesting alternative if you want to save space. Use shelves (KALLAX model at Ikea, 59 euros 90) to store your small equipment, or fall for a simple coat rack to hang jump rope, elastics and other training straps. The square boxes to slide into the low shelves are ideal for storing boxing gloves (or bodybuilding gloves), fitness DVDs and other coaching guides out of sight.

Clear space at home

No need to have 10 m² available to fit out a sports area at home. Often the space between the sofa and the television is sufficient. It is above all a question of having a corner of parquet or tiling large enough to accommodate a yoga mat of about 50 centimeters (essential for fitness training, body balance, stretching, yoga ...). Be careful all the same with furniture corners.

Precautions for playing sports at home

First, take care of the temperature. Take care not to overheat your apartment, and not to practice sports in a confined space. Good ventilation is essential. To motivate you, do not hesitate to create a playlist with punchy songs, which gives you fishing, and to download coaching applications on your smartphone (Nike Training club, 7 Minutes Workout…).