How to decorate your walls when you are a tenant?

How to decorate your walls when you are a tenant?

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For many, being a tenant means turning your back on any decorative creativity that could damage the walls of the rental apartment. No freedom, only bans… or not! The editorial gives you its solutions to dress the walls without necessarily damaging them.

The masking tape solution

There are many advantages of masking tape. Inexpensive and accessible to all, this adhesive tape is at the top of the decorative trends of the moment. In addition, the masking tape leaves no trace on the wall, real good news for tenants who love decoration. This colorful or patterned ribbon, ideal for DIY, is easily cut and repositioned according to your wishes at the time. Thanks to its "scotch" function, the masking tape makes it possible to stick posters, photos and papers on the wall without risk of damaging it.

For lovers of paintings

Mutilating your wall with a drill is not the only option for hanging your favorite masterpieces on the wall. Today there are solid picture hooks supporting a fairly heavy weight, in the form of one or more adhesive tabs. The COMMAND model of the 3M brand (around 5 euros in DIY stores) can be applied as well against a wall as on wood, glass or PVC.

The mirror option

If you have a large apartment or spacious rooms, why not opt ​​for a gigantic character mirror to be simply placed against the wall? If the budget allows, take a look at the Maisons du monde models (Trumeau mirror in white wood, 149 euros). If you are a flea market aficionado, keep an eye out. Many mirrors are abandoned and wait for a simple brush stroke to shine again. To fix them to the wall, no problem: we opt for Ni Clou Ni Vis glue (sticks and peels off quickly and without leaving traces). Count around 10 euros.

The charm of the stickers

No more sticky stickers that tear off the wallpaper and spoil the paint. The current stickers are designed to stick, peel off and reposition without compromising the quality of your wall. Inexpensive and available in a variety of themes and infinite colors, the stickers are perfect for reflecting a passion.

The usefulness of shelves and decorative ladders

To place delicately against the wall, the ladder, light and easy to move, allows you to put your trinkets and other small plants with ease. The advantage? It plays on height and not on width (Domeno scale, 40 euros at La Redoute). Like the cubic shelves, to combine according to its place and its desires.