Treat yourself to a unique decoration with Digigraphy!

Treat yourself to a unique decoration with Digigraphy!

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To decorate your interior in an original way, Epson offers some pieces from the Digigraphie catalog of the art editor Atelier Contemporain. Result: real masterpieces of digital art accessible to all! Atelier Contemporain is an editor who works exclusively with certain artists who work with digital art, but also photographers, painters and designers. For an ultra trendy decoration, Epson has selected numbered Digigraphies limited to a maximum of 200 copies.

What is digigraphy?

It is a quality label for works of art produced using digital technology. Digigraphies are carried out on Epson large format printers from the Stylus Pro range. The paper used resists light and guarantees a lifespan of more than 60 years.

What are the works?

There is something for every taste ! Photography, painting, illustration ... Know that any artist can submit digigraphies, it is enough that the charter is respected. So you too can become a digigrapher by following the label procedure. > More info on Discover a selection of digigraphies: