Wake up the decor of the garden at a low price!

Wake up the decor of the garden at a low price!

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1. Lampion Jardin d'Ulysse, Delamaison, 24 euros 2. Plant holder in galvanized steel, Alinéa, 34.99 euros 3. Round cherry flower pot, Jardideco, 34.95 euros 4. LED solar lantern, Eminza, 4 , 99 euros 5. Grëno cushion, Ikea, 9, 90 euros 6. Clover tutor, Truffaut, 6.45 euros 7. Solar lantern with 10 lanterns, LightOnline, 19.90 euros 8. Outdoor cushion, Delamaison, 14.90 euros 9. Flamingo Meiko>, AM.PM, 69 euros 10. Socker flowerpot, Ikea, 1.99 euros

A staged garden

The garden is now considered like all the rooms in the house, this means that you will be able to structure and decorate it in the same way as your living room. Start by creating different spaces by delimiting the dining area of ​​the relaxation area or the swimming pool if you are lucky. For this, use your plants by betting on beautiful flower pots. You will dress your garden and can create paths and borders of plants that will be graphic. The secret that it does not cost you too much is to opt for several small pots by playing accumulations, instead of a very large pot. You can bet on several colors to create a patchwork or choose a natural color that blends into the landscape. Do not hesitate to vary the sizes and shapes for more originality. Then think about accessorizing the garden! There are now decorative items for this space (and not just garden gnomes). The sculptures can give relief and originality to your garden. The summer trend? A flamingo to hide in your plants. Other accessories to consider: textiles. Consider adding decorative cushions to your garden furniture to give it a more chic look.

A bright decor

To enhance your garden, it is also after dark that it happens! And for this, we put on solar lights that will charge during the day to light your garden at night. You will find many small affordable lamps to place in your flower beds or on the edges of an aisle. Then, also think of the lanterns which can accommodate candles and create a beautiful light atmosphere on your terrace for example. Choose lanterns which protect the flame from the wind and which protect you from accidents or opt directly for the LEDs which will be practical and secure. Do you want a more festive atmosphere? It is on the garland that we must bet! Finally, don't hesitate to take a look at the bright furniture. You'll find affordable flower pots that will transform your garden in the blink of an eye.