Before / after: creation of an apartment under the roofs of Paris

Before / after: creation of an apartment under the roofs of Paris

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Sloping spaces are not always easy to arrange: atypical architecture, low ceilings and quirky volumes require skill and ingenuity to be transformed into pleasant living spaces! A young Parisian couple, owner of five service rooms located under the roofs of a Haussmannian building, dreamed of bringing them together to form a single apartment: he entrusted this delicate mission to the architectural agency Taloni + Barret, specializing in the renovation of urban interiors. After an in-depth study of the site and the creation of a 3D project, Lily Taloni and Sébastien Barret were able to carry out this project like no other: explanations in pictures.

Five bedrooms for a unique living space

Before : A young couple had the good idea to buy all the service rooms, commonly called "maid's rooms", located on the top floor of a building in eastern Paris. His project ? Bring together all these small living spaces to form a single apartment! The intention is ambitious but not unachievable. The owners entrust the site to the Taloni + Barret interior architecture agency, which immediately takes into account the multiple possibilities offered by such spaces. Obviously, we will have to tailor it, however the future apartment will have the advantage of being unique and very functional.

After : Once the work is finished, it is impossible to imagine that this attic apartment is actually composed of old service rooms! Lily Taloni and Sébastien Barret carried out a large amount of insulation work, initially affixing a wall insulator covered with BA13 panels. The old windows have been replaced by Velux® with a discreet design. The architects have chosen to keep most of the old beams, to bring character to this new space: simply painted in white, they are a nod to the past of the place. The electricity and plumbing have also benefited from a total refurbishment, in order to meet the standards in force and to adapt to the new layout of the apartment.

A decoration combining charm and contemporary design

Before : the old maid's rooms have been more or less well maintained by their previous owners. Some of them have been isolated, and benefit from electricity and running water while others have been abandoned for years.

After : The architects of the Taloni + Barret Agency have successfully met the challenge of harmonizing spaces, giving the illusion of a large duplex apartment. Above all, it was necessary to break the linear aspect formed by the adjoining bedrooms, hence the idea of ​​integrating a sliding wooden door to separate the parental bedroom from the office space. Framed by two contemporary style sconces, overlooked by several skylights, this entrance brings a theatrical aspect to the room, which is revealed as if by surprise to visitors. The latter took place in one of the most degraded service rooms; its renovation required titanic work including the change of beams that threatened to collapse. The sleeping area is now bright and very functional with its numerous custom-made storage under the slope. As for the kitchen, it now represents the charming asset of the apartment with its traditional furniture and a nice blue cement tile floor. It continues with a bathroom decorated in similar colors, to create a visual unity in the decor. More info on