Clic-clac or BZ: the match!

Clic-clac or BZ: the match!

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One is called click-clack, the other responds to the code name BZ. These two sofas are a simple, quick and economical solution to get your friends to sleep at home. But which one is best suited to your needs and your interior? Follow the guide !

Clic-clac: the trump asset

A click-clack is a sofa with a metallic structure composed of three elements: the box spring, the mechanism and the mattress. Double function, it is a convertible sofa which, thanks to the click-clack system, allows you to lift the seat and tilt the backrest back to make it a real bed. Better still, some models also offer a storage chest under the seat for storing quilts and pillows. Convenient ! Today, the new models offer optimal sleeping quality with premium quality mattresses like Dunlopillo like the SUMMUM sofa bed, 15 cm thick. The size is equivalent to that of a double bed, on average 190x130 cm. What last for many years! Our opinion: wider, the sofa bed will be more suitable for those who are looking above all for a sofa and whose frequency of use of the sofa bed version will be moderate.

BZ: as big as a real bed

With its three parts which unfold in an accordion, the BZ combines the B of Bed and the Z, namely the shape of the mattress seen from the side. Unlike the click-clack, whose bed is parallel to the wall, the BZ opens perpendicular to the wall near which it is placed. To take into account depending on the layout of your interior. Like its click-clack sidekick, the BZ knows how to be extremely comfortable today, with structures signed Bultex, Simmons or Dunlopillo (SOFTY COCOON, NAIADES). Our opinion: no longer picked up, the BZ takes up less floor space : it will therefore be more suitable for very small spaces. Finally, be aware that some models can reach a width of 160cm, quite adequate for sleeping two in peace.

Tailor-made packaging

Little extra that matters! Whatever your preference, know that Alinéa offers you the embarrassment of the choice to dress your sofa bed or your BZ. In addition to a wide choice of mattresses (firmness, price, etc.), 10 different covers will allow you to equip your interior with an additional bed that will not lack style! Finally, if you have the space to bring a large convertible sofa into your home, find all our advice by following this link!

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