Our selection of practical and inexpensive drip trays

Our selection of practical and inexpensive drip trays

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A true kitchen essential, the dish drainer is not always unanimous for aesthetic reasons. The designers have understood this and are offering new models that know how to combine practicality with discretion or a decorative touch. has selected for you 10 models that will not detract from the style of your kitchen.

Practicality above all

To choose the right dish drainer, you must first bet on a practical model! It should be easy to handle, easy to clean and if it can be stored easily, it's even better. For this, we recommend that you choose a light model that has the advantage of folding up so that it can disappear from view or even finding its place in a cupboard when it is not in use. In addition, prefer to choose a drip tray that has a tank that will receive the water that drips from the dishes for more cleaning comfort. And if the latter is presented as a container with a wrist, it will be easier to transport dry dishes to the storage cupboard. In terms of materials, also note that most plastic models will be dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

Decorative drip trays

The good news is that practicality can also rhyme with decoration thanks to brands like Joseph Joseph, Black & Blum, Umbra and others who have reinvented the design of household accessories. Result, the forms are more design and graphics with also colorful proposals to follow the style of your kitchen. At Balvi, there is even a square-style drip tray in which wet dishes are inserted. If you want more discretion, there are also flat models that are discreet on the worktop or on the sink when they are empty. You will understand, the kitchen drainer now adapts almost to all your decorative desires.

1. Black dish drainer, 44.90 euros at Maison Habiague / 2. Plastic dish drainer, 19.99 euros at Delamaison / 3. Farell drainer, 14.99 euros at Alinéa / 4. Folding dish drainer, 16, 90 euros at Cuisinstore / 5. Lawn dish drainer, 24.90 euros at Ac-deco / 6. Bamboo dish drainer, 12.90 euros at Auchan / 7. Umbra plastic dish drainer, 30 euros at Delamaison / 8. Dish drainer Guzzini dishes, 35 euros at J'aime cuisiner / 9. Black & Blum drainer, 39 euros at Decoclico / 10. Joseph Joseph adjustable drainer, 34.95 euros at La Redoute