Beautiful, very decorative hotels in the mountains

Beautiful, very decorative hotels in the mountains

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Bundled up in their snow coats, mountain hotels have an incomparable charm. But some hotels also take care of their interior decoration in unique styles. To discover…

Traditional ambiance

It is the most common type of decoration. Wood, a chimney fire, exposed beams, warm fabrics in shimmering colors ... the mountain chalet decor remains the most popular, surely due to the warmth and friendliness that emanates from it.

Contemporary design atmosphere

Well in their time, the hotels with contemporary design call upon pieces of designers of the XXth century. The lines are often pure, the colors rather sharp (black, white…). Like the big hotels of the cities.

Hybrid design atmosphere

Finally, some hotels play the card of futuristic trendy design. For this, they mix transparency, mineral colors and raw wood for example. For a stunning effect. Some images to dream…


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