4 atmospheres for a trendy and scary Halloween

4 atmospheres for a trendy and scary Halloween

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It was believed to be out of fashion, yet the Halloween party still has many followers. And if the children adore it, the older ones seem to find a growing interest in it. Pinterest is the proof since it is full of original ideas to create a decor as scary as it is fun! That's good, we've got you the best ideas for bringing terror into your interior. Discover 4 atmospheres for a trendy and scary Halloween!

1. Halloween in Black and white

© - This is without a doubt the easiest decorative atmosphere to create for Halloween. And for good reason, most of the representative elements of this festival are in black and white. Skeleton, skull and crossbones, spiders and cobwebs, bats, crows, ghosts, witches… All are represented by the famous duo Black and White. In practice, you can create pennants by cutting out the shapes of your choice from black or white paper and cardboard. Create fake cobwebs using wool or pieces of wadding and place them on the ceiling and on furniture. Add old white sheets to the seats to give a haunted house feel to your interior. You can even hang them from the ceiling by hiding a balloon that you tighten with an elastic band to create wandering ghosts ...

2. Halloween spirit cabinet of curiosities

© Sisters Suitcase Do you want to show off for Halloween decoration? The cabinet of curiosities theme is made for you! The idea is to recreate a setting worthy of a mad scientist's laboratory. We imagine, for example, chemist's flasks and test tubes filled with liquors with neon green dyes, radiographs of the human body arranged here and there, articulated skeletons and false bones, old posters with the periodic table of the elements, jars with fake snakes… Terrifying, isn't it? Anyway, do not hesitate to expose your most appalling objects under a bell. And to top it all, dare to divert food as shown in this recipe in which a cauliflower acts as brain in a jar filled with water and red dye. No doubt, your guests will be amazed!

3. Scary orange

© - After black and white, it's up to orange to set the tone for the Halloween decor. Reputed to be the flagship color of this popular celebration, orange often refers to the pumpkins found in this fall period. And very often, they create, on their own, a unique decor and sometimes much more frightening than other symbols. Just like this inspiration, multiply the pumpkins and pumpkins and sculpt them to draw abominable faces. Put candles on it and let the mystery operate. Add dead leaves to distill all over the ground for more effect. Don't have a pumpkin? Don't panic, there are other alternatives! We think in particular of the orange balloons on which you can draw scary heads using a marker!

4. Halloween in bloody red

© - What could be more frightening than red, the color of blood? Choosing a Halloween decoration on the theme of red is putting yourself in the shoes of a most sadistic serial killer! You can, for example, use white candles on which you pour red wax to give a bloody effect. In large vases or glass jars, have water and grenadine syrup to float candles or other unusual objects. If you have old dolls, don't throw them out! They can be decapitated and stained with red varnish ... In the same way, if you have old sheets or white towels, collect them to leave bloody hand marks using red dye or even tomato sauce! With all these decorative ideas, your interior will be worthy of a horror scene ...