A Titeuf decor in the child's bedroom

A Titeuf decor in the child's bedroom

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While waiting for the release of the animated film "Titeuf le film" on the big screen on April 6, put the decor of the child's room at the time of the Swiss hero. Kids will love it!

Who is Titeuf?

Titeuf is this little boy of ten years imagined by the Swiss designer Zep. It is recognizable by its egg head which gave it its name and by its blond puff. Whether in comics, on TV or soon in the cinema, we live with him his adventures and his questions about the lives of adults: girls, sex, divorce, unemployment ... And especially his stories of young boy with his friends but also with the beautiful Nadia whom he secretly loves. His cult phrases: "it's just right", "shame shame", "let me slip" and everything that starts with "mega".

Titeuf in the decoration

Let the blond-haired fans and their parents be reassured because Titeuf is available in a whole bunch of decorative accessories ranging from bed linen to towels, stickers and ukuleles. For a personal touch, consider writing the boy's quotes on the walls with letter stickers or using stencils. And for the child's bedroom to really look like Titeuf's, you need a lot of toys, a UFO on the ceiling, a piggy bank and some funny posters. But still avoid the bazaar ... Discover our selection of Titeuf decorative items:


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