A comic book decor to be trendy

A comic book decor to be trendy

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The famous American comics are back in the spotlight. To be in the retro trend, we put on a touch of superheroes in the decor. Back on a real phenomenon that does not date from today. If at the origin the American term "Comic" is pejorative because the BD is not yet a recognized art, it indicates today the American BD having as subject of superheroes. Most American comics such as Wonderwoman, Batman and Superman were born in the 1940s. This type of comic will even become one of the symbols of Pop Art by artist Roy Lichtenstein. Today, the comics style is still displayed in decoration, more than 50 years after its creation. The designers use very graphic designs to bring decorative objects to life. The drawing is lively and dynamic so that the characters seem to move. In terms of colors, it is the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) that are highlighted for a very visual rendering. Cushions, pictures and other accessories are presented like thumbnails of a comic strip. What give your interior a real boost. Design tip: Comic book fans can also frame their favorite albums and display them on the wall. We can even imagine a patchwork of comics. Discover our selection of decorative objects comics:


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