A microwave with interchangeable fronts

A microwave with interchangeable fronts

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Household appliances continue to undergo unexpected transformations to make it more decorative. At Boulanger, it's the microwave's turn to go under the designers' pencil. Result: an object that follows your decorative moods while remaining useful. For some time now, the Boulanger Essentiel b creation brand has been focusing on functionalities useful in everyday life combined with trendy design. Thus, the Gecko microwave, their latest reference, offers to harmonize its cuisine with its decorative desires using four interchangeable frames. It's up to you to transform your microwave with the eccentric blue frame for a touch of pep, the gray loft frame for the design aspect, the red seventies frame with patterns for a graphic kitchen or the boudoir purple frame for a feminine piece. And if you change your kitchen color, you don't need to change the microwave, only the front. And Gecko doesn't just stick to appearances with its capacity of 20 liters, its 24.5 cm platform and its power of 800 watts. It also has electronic controls, eight preprogrammed recipes, and express cooking and defrosting functions. Enough to meet the constraints of modern life in a jiffy. The microwave is available at a price of 99 euros. > More info on www.boulanger.fr


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